Quality Control Manager

  • Manage project construction Quality Assurance (QA) or Quality Control (QC) programs.
  • Develop and monitor the Validation & Verification Plan.
  • Create Quality Management Plans (QMPs) or Quality Management Oversight Plans (QMOs) for major construction programs.
  • Oversee QA testing and inspection. Coordinate and schedule resources to provide appropriate QA inspection and testing for all construction efforts on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Assist the client in the investigation and resolution of quality-related issues.
  • Create and manage for contract compliance a Testing and Inspection Plan.
  •  Identify all Certifiable Elements, trace and maintain their compliance with technical requirements.
  • Oversee field investigations, forensic analysis, or other testing and assessment activities in the field and at sources of supply. Generate assessment reports, and attend high-level meetings to discuss findings.
  •  Provide feedback to the contractor to further the goal of continuous improvement and compliance with contractual requirements.
  • Provide training to ensure appropriate training quality procedures are in place, through pre-activity meetings and daily on-site reviews.
  • Ensure all Quality Oversight (QO) inspectors have appropriate training and certification for the types of construction activities they will be overseeing.
  • Verify that all sampling and testing personnel have the appropriate training and certification for the types of materials they will be testing.
  • Maintain a Non-Conformance Report (NCR) log.
    Oversee the quality of work performed by the QA team, and review reports as necessary to validate.
  • Prepare for, prioritize, and perform construction assessments per the QMP or the QMO Plan and procedures, and initiate corrective actions as necessary.
  •  Perform management system audits regularly to verify compliance.
  • Initiate and perform process assessments regularly, and conduct follow-through process improvement.
  • Schedule Hold Points as audits of ongoing construction work for the duration of the project.
  • Coordinate with owner quality verification testing, inspection, and Independent Assurance (IA) requirements.
  • Attend and participate in quarterly management reviews.

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